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Jason Zuccari Joins ‘Hilarity for Charity’ As Newly Appointed Board Member

As the newest board member of the Alzheimer’s care and activism organization Hilarity for Charity (HFC), Washington, D.C.-based entrepreneur, philanthropist, and healthcare industry leader Jason Zuccari knows how deeply a loved one’s suffering can impact their whole family.


Check Out DC’s Top Philanthropists of 2022

These DC-area power philanthropists do more than just champion a cause—they revolutionize the world along the way.


Dan About Town: The Best of Bashes, Balls, and Benefits

Party photographer Dan Swartz’s monthly roundup. An Evening With Hilarity for Charity at the Zuccari family residence in McLean | September 13. Philanthropist Sepe Zuccari, Hamilton Insurance’s Jason Zuccari, and Hilarity for Charity cofounders Lauren Miller Rogen and Seth Rogen.

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Modern Luxury Spotlight: An Evening with Hilarity for Charity

More than $300,000 was raised for families impacted by Alzheimer’s and brain health education at a recent east coast reception for Lauren Miller Rogen and Emmy-nominated actor Seth Rogen’s national non-profit, Hilarity For Charity (HFC). The dynamic bas was spearheaded by Jason Zuccari, vice president of Hamilton Insurance Agency and recently-appointed HFC board member.

Washington Life Magazine

Young & the Guest List

Despite a tenuous news cycle, a warming globe and the normal challenges of work/family juggling, these young people remain steadfast in their hope of making their respective industries, this city and the world a more fair and balanced place.

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Meet Jason Zuccari, The Entrepreneur Who Is Shaking Up Employee Benefits

While providing health insurance for workers is a no-brainer for most medium and large businesses, finding cost-effective plans is no small task. Jason Zuccari, vice president of HIA, has spent a large chunk of his career trying to help businesses determine which plan provides the greatest benefit for their team.

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Jason Zuccari’s BeneBee is the Premier Solution for Healthcare Insurance

From small companies to larger companies, they all have a hard time finding satisfactory health insurance at a low price. Jason Zuccari is the vice president of business development for Hamilton Insurance Agency, and he gives his expert opinion on this balancing act.


Jason Zuccari’s BeneBee Is A Much-Needed Resource For Both Employees And Employers

Both small companies and large companies alike struggle to find adequate health insurance at an affordable rate. Vice president of business development for Hamilton Insurance Agency, Jason Zuccari lends his expertise on how to find a solution for this common challenge.

Men’s Journal

With BeneBee, Jason Zuccari Solves the Employer Healthcare Conundrum

Plagued by issues like cost effectiveness and lacking comprehensiveness, insurance companies’ complex onboarding processes have only added to the strain between enterprises and their staff. In an effort to solve this widespread problem, vice president of Hamilton Insurance Agency Jason Zuccari created the mobile application BeneBee.


Adrian Grenier Raises $100k for Lonely Whale Foundation at McLean Fundraiser

Hollywood star Adrian Grenier headlined a crowded fundraiser in McLean for his Lonely Whale Foundation over the weekend, which raked in approximately $100,000 for the nonprofit. Friday night’s reception was held at the family residence of entrepreneur Jason Zuccari.

West Virginia University Alumni Magazine

A Legacy of Student Government Leadership

The story of the Zuccaris is a Mountaineer story. As all Mountaineers know, in the words of our beloved “Hail West Virginia,” it’s one old grad joining with one young lad saying, “it’s West Virginia now we cheer.” That’s Alan and Jason Zuccari.

The DA: WVU’s Independent Student Newspaper

A Day in the Life: SGA Pres. Jason Zuccari and VP Whitney Rae Peters

As time ends for the Zuccari/Peters administration, the pair reflect on their lives since being sworn into office last March and the opportunity to complete the work they started as the spotlight shifts on others.

WVU Today

WVU Board of Governors Swears in New Members

Four newly elected members of the West Virginia University Board of Governors are being sworn in on Thursday (July 2) afternoon in the Presidents Conference Room, located in Stewart Hall on the downtown campus including Student Body President Jason Zuccari.